1. CEO Award for Excellence – 2019 , Max Health Care
  2. Employee of the Month March 2010, Max Hospital Delhi
  3. Employee of the Year 2009-2010 , Max Hospital Delhi
  4. GEM Award 2013, Best Doctor Award, Max Hospital Delhi
  5. Best Oral Presentation (Second Prize) Annual Patient Safety Conference, Max Hospital 2019
  6. Best Poster Award-ISO 2006


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  1. Convenor Delhi Gynecologic Oncology Group
  2. Organizing Secretary, Annual Conference of Young Radiation Oncologist of India, New Delhi, YROC 2018.
  3. Organizing Secretary, ISES and Max Cancer Congress, August 2019, New Delhi
  4. Task Force Member, Organizing Committee ICC 2013, New Delhi
  5. Task Force Member, Organizing Committee ACOS 2014, New Delhi


  1. Life Member Association of Radiation Oncologist of India
  2. Life Member Association of Gynecologic Oncology of India
  3. Life Member Federation of Head and Neck Oncology
  4. Life Member Indian Society of Neuro Oncology
  5. Life Member Oncology Forum. Delhi NCR
  6. Life Member Indian Society of Oncology
  7. Life Member Indian Medical Association