At Fortis, Dr. Vineeta Goel and team organised yet another Breast Cancer Support Group meet. It was a successful event as it served its purpose. It was very well attended and we fell a bit short of space.

Room was buzzing with energy, positivity, enthusiasm, courage and stories to share.

Mrs Priyanka Chaturvedi shared her journey of breast cancer treatment and this led to her to start her especially designed clothing line for patient’s as required in different stages of treatment.

Everyone played “ Antakshari “ led by Dr Suhail Qureshi who sang in his melodious soulful voice. Dr Vivek Shrivastav and team took energy to another level with aerobics exercises followed by moments of mindfulness and positive affirmation. Dr Harshita and Dr Aakriti from Physiotherapy department taught upper body strengthening exercises. Dr Shweta Gupta gave useful dietary tips to beat heat in the summer and ended the evening on a positive note.

Sharing some glimpses of the event….


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Moments of Joy and Togetherness at Our Breast Cancer Support Group Fun Event! 💕🌸 Our incredible community came together for an afternoon of laughter, dance, and camaraderie. Here’s a glimpse of the love and strength we shared. 🎨🧘‍♀️🍲🎶

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Breast Cancer Support Group – Pink October

I have learnt few hard lessons as oncologist over last few years of practice. First lesson being – Treatment for breast cancer does not get over with just completing chemotherapy/surgery/radiation etc. Life after breast cancer treatment can still pose some challenges and require some life style modification. Second lesson– When some patient going through active treatment meets someone who is already done with the treatment, they get immense courage and motivation to go through this treatment. Keeping these lessons in mind, we try and organize support group meetings as regularly as feasible. These support groups work as “oxygen” for everyone. We recently did one such meeting where Mrs Mamta Goenka travelled from Mumbai to Delhi to guide with our BC patients. Mrs Goenka is a life coach and regularly conducts sessions on mentorship, post operative arm exercises etc. for BC patients at Tata Memorial Hospital. She took such a wonderful energizing session for our patients. Her speech was full of positivity and enthusiasm. She demonstrated arm exercises to our patients and taught everyone techniques for prevention and management of lymphedema (Arm swelling post cancer treatment). Every time we do such meetings , I get enthused to do them more often…….