Dr. Vineeta Goel DNB, MNAMS, Director
& Head Readiation Oncology,
Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh.

Senior Cancer

Radiation Therapy Treats cancer by using
high-energy waves

Best Radiation Oncologist in Delhi

Dr. Vineeta Goel is one of the best Radiation Oncologist in Delhi NCR. Radiation Therapy is use of high energy Ionization radiation (often X Rays ) to kill a cancer cell by damaging its DNA. Goal of Radiation Therapy (RT) is to use focused beams of radiation to kill cancer cell with as little risk as possible to normal cells.

Dr. Vineeta Goel

Dr Vineeta Goel is a cancer specialist working as Director and Head Radiation Oncology at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi.

She has got a vast experience of 25 years in the field of oncology and radiation oncology. 

Dr Vineeta did specialisation in oncology from Tata Memorial Hospital (TMH), Mumbai. She was working as faculty at TMH before shifting practice to Delhi.  Prior to joining Fortis Healthcare, she was working at Max hospital.

She is a passionate radiation oncologist with expertise in all latest and updated technologies of radiation therapy including IMRT, IGRT, Stereotactic radiation therapy (SBRT liver, lung, bones and SRS Brain), VMAT, re-irradiation, Intra operative RT (IORT) and all forms of brachytherapy. Her special area of expertise include breath holding based radiation therapy (also called DIBH/ ABC/ 4D gating) for patients with left breast cancer to protect their heart and lungs. 

Dr Vineeta is an expert in treating breast cancer, head neck cancers (mouth and larynx), esophagus (food pipe), rectal cancers, brain tumours, lung cancers and gynaecological cancers. 

She believes in choosing the right treatment and is a strong believer of tumour board approach. She always discusses all possible treatment options with the patient and helps him/her choose the right treatment. 

Dr Vineeta has keen interest in molecular oncology and always strives to give personalised treatment recommendation to her patients based on molecular report of cancer.

She regularly updates herself by participating in national and international conferences as well as publishing in peer reviewed journals. 

She not only recommends treatment to patient but also helps patient and family understand possible effects, side effects and preparation required to go through treatment. 

She along with her team are always on patient’s side to hold their hands during and after treatment journey. 

She also regularly takes public lectures and sessions to create cancer awareness, remove myths, pessimism and stigma attached with cancer. She also coaches young girls and boys to stay away from tobacco and other addictive agents and make them aware about vaccine for girls to prevent cervical cancer.

Realising that many cancer patient’ s battle through anxiety and fear of cancer diagnosis and treatment, she regularly organizes various cancer support group programs for her patients and families. She is a voice of hope and support to all her patient’s and their families.

In A Brief

  • Dynamic and Best Radiation Oncologist in Delhi NCR.
  • Over 25 years experience in advanced radiation techniques.
  • Qualification from Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai one of the most prestigious cancer center in India.
  • Was the key person for establishment and setup of Radiation Oncology Departments at Max Super Speciality Hospital, Shalimar Bagh in 2017 and Max Super Speciality Hospital, Patparganj in 2009.
  • Consultant at onco.com and Navya.com.
  • Advanced training in SBRT from Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, USA.
  • Advanced training in IORT from Heidelberg, Germany.
  • SBRT Training at Chaplimaunt Cancer Centre, Portugal.
  • Advanced Training in IMRT & IGRT from Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland.
  • Training Faculty at ESTRO. ASTRO and ICRO Courses and Guest Speaker for Oncology Conferences at National level.

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IMRT, IGRT, SRS and SBRT are advanced and precise forms of radiation therapy which helps in curing cancer minimum side effects.


Breast Cancer radiation therapy has been made safer by modern techniques like IMRT/IGRT/DIBH/ABC.

For women with left sided breast cancer, use of 4-D radiation therapy using breath holding technique like ABC/DIBH ensure protection of heart from radiation therapy.


Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) is single dose of focused radiation therapy delivered at the time of surgery. Brachytherapy is an internal form of radiation therapy and is considered the most conformal technique.


Interstitial Brachytherapy is a specialised technique of radiation therapy which is often used in Ca vagina, cervical cancers, sarcoma, head & neck cancer and anal cancers to allow safe doses of radiation therapy to cancer with minimum doses to normal organs.


Brain metastases are now treated by focusing high dose of radiation therapy only on site of cancer using principles of stereotaxy. Advantages are better control of cancer, least side effects, avoidance of hair fall and shorter treatment.


Some brain tumours require treatment of entire brain and spinal canal called as Craniospinal Radiation. We do this treatment using technique of IM IGRT with least side effects.

Wonderful experience with Dr. Vineeta Goel she is a wonderful doctor, and the staff was always helpful and kind. They ensured I had a smooth treatment and follow-up. I am so glad I chose Dr. Vineeta Goel and would highly recommend to anyone.
Petevilie KhatsuPetevilie Khatsu
08:54 14 Oct 23
Dr Vineeta and her entire team made my radiotherapy most bearable owing to the utmost care and attention they gave me as well as every single patient around me. I observed and appreciated the care they bestowed on their patients - it was almost like they were all one big family. They were also ever ready to listen to suggestions in order to improve the comfort of their patients which is well appreciated. They are polite and attentive to patients; encouraging them with kind, motivating words and uplift the spirit of patients in despair. More than the therapy, the approach of the team is psychologically very morally strengthening.
Ritika MakkarRitika Makkar
09:27 09 Sep 23
She is absolutely the best. I have been with her for more than 10 years now. And she had been so patient and kind to me always from Day1. I call her my powerhouse of positivity because she is so much pure at heart that her gentle words makes the patient feel much better and I feel she can feel very well what we are going through as she even reads our unspoken words and that's the reason she is THE BEST....Today I just trust her blindly...Her words are final decisions for me today and forever.
mohak khatuwalamohak khatuwala
05:20 09 Sep 23
We had good experience with Dr. Vineeta Goel and her team. She is very knowledgeable, kind and a patient listener. She has a great staff which is extremely supportive and diligent. Thanks to her for taking good care of my father-in-law who is recovering from his illness and doing quite well now.
Guru SinghGuru Singh
12:17 25 May 23
I got my father in law treated at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi. I would love to say that amazing hospitality we get by Dr. Vineeta Goel and her entire team. I wish she would continue with same efforts for our society. As we heard that Doctors are living God on earth and it hence prove by Dr. Vineeta Goel and her team.Thanks and RegardsGuru Lal Singh
tamanna singhtamanna singh
05:33 19 Jan 23
Dr Vineeta is one of the most amazing doctor that I have come acrossShe is just an outstanding human being who treats her patients with so much genuine love,care and empathyShe is always available for you and is so so prompt in answering any queriesThe best radiologistI am very lucky and blessed to be treated by herExceptional Lady
Supriya AgarwalSupriya Agarwal
09:12 13 Jan 23
Vineeta ma'am is a gem of a person. My husband's treatment went so well with her care and support. She is now a motherly figure for both of us. Whenever we needed her, she was there..even on the holidays. She used to be available on calls as well.For us and many out there, she is a source of positivity. I think every hospital should have such doctors.I would also like to thank Rachna ma'am for her support and utmost care as well. She always have a smile on her face.Last but not the least, I would extend my warm thanks to all the team members especially Deepskhikha di, Jyoti di, Urvashi di, Monica ma'am (Coordinator), Vikas Mishra, Shivraj Chaudhary, Shruti, Keshav, Abhishek, Monica (Technicians) and Kavita ma'am as well.Thank you so much for treating us so well. You all will be missed.
rajeev mittalrajeev mittal
07:00 30 Dec 22
Dr vineeta besides being an excellent doctor she is a gem of a person. She has been a mentor for us. She put us on the right track when we were in an imabalaced state of mind, where to go and which path to follow. There were tough times during our journey and she very calmly consoled us " this time will also pass, just be pateint". Such soothing words gave us lot of strength.It is difficult to find such a good person as you doctor.All other staff is also very polite and helpful.We thank one and all in Fortis for making our journey pass comfortably.
08:58 02 Dec 22
Dr Vineeta is a true doctor she cares her patients very much. She has some kind of bond with her every patient. My mother is suffering from cancer since 2 years and our radiation have completed 6 months back but still my mother wants to meet her whenever we come to the Fortis Shalimar bagh. Dr Vineeta is the best doctor for treatment and patient care, what else you should ask from a good doctor. Thank you very much Vineeta Ma'am.
Shikha DakshShikha Daksh
11:26 23 Nov 22
Like there is no specific word about Dr. Vineeta maam ,but must say she is an angel 😇 for so many people because she is no treating patients heal soul as well ,she is spreading happiness among the family .she is truly a inspiration.God bless you maam and keep shining with the altimate Smile 🤩
dheeraj kumardheeraj kumar
08:58 27 Sep 22
Vineeta Mam ( HOD) and her Radiation Team.. always supportive and caring throughout !!Thnks for the great Treatment and immense Guidance !!Very good experience at Radiation Oncology department. Dr. Vineeta Goel has very keen knowledge about her work and she is very brilliant doctor.Amazing doctor Dr. Veenta and her staff , very polite and helpful, always smiling. I really feel lucky to be treated by her. God bless her and her staff. .😍😍💕💕

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