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Navigating the Cost of Cancer Treatment in Delhi

Cancer Cost

Cancer treatment is often long and expensive, posing a significant financial burden even for those with stable finances or medical insurance. Navigating the cost of cancer treatment in Delhi requires careful planning and understanding of the available options. Here are some tips from Dr. Vineeta Goel, one of the best  oncologist in Delhi, to help you manage the expenses associated with cancer treatment.

1. Understanding the Complete Treatment Process

Most cancer patients in Delhi require multiple modalities such as surgery, radiation therapy (RT), and chemotherapy. For example, a 60-year-old patient with stage III breast cancer might need all three treatments. Dr. Vineeta Goel emphasizes the importance of meeting with specialists for surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation therapy to get an estimated expenditure and understand the treatment timelines. This helps in arranging funds according to the treatment schedule.

2. Reviewing Your Medical Insurance Policy

If you have medical insurance, thoroughly read your policy. Note the total sum insured, whether it’s an individual policy, family floater, or has a top-up option. Dr. Vineeta Goel advises checking the hospitals in Delhi that accept your insurance and paying attention to your insurance cycle’s start date. Ensure timely premium payments to avoid missing out on coverage during treatment.

3. Understanding Copayments and Coverage

Be aware of any copayments in your policy and what is not covered. Knowing this helps you plan for out-of-pocket expenses.

4. Timing Treatments with Insurance Renewal

Know your insurance renewal date. For example, if your cycle restarts on 1st July and you have a significant amount remaining in June, discuss with your oncologist, if certain expensive treatments can be scheduled before the new cycle begins.

5. Discussing Essential vs. Optimal Treatment

Discuss with your oncologist, to differentiate between essential and optimal treatment. For instance, if targeted therapies A and B are suggested for breast cancer, understand if taking only drug A is feasible due to financial constraints.

6. Exploring Patient Assistance Programs

For expensive chemotherapy or immunotherapy, there are often patient assistance programs and schemes available. Don’t hesitate to discuss these options with your oncologist, advises Dr. Goel.

7. Considering Indian Brands for Medications

Indian brands for chemotherapy and immunotherapy can be much more affordable than international ones. Discuss these alternatives with your medical oncologist.

8. Keeping Additional Funds for Unforeseen Complications

Always keep approximately 10-20% additional funds aside for any unforeseen complications that may arise during treatment.

9. Choosing Room Category Wisely

Hospital procedure charges in Delhi often vary based on the room category chosen. For instance, the cost of surgery in a twin-sharing room may be significantly less than in a single room. Choose your room category carefully to manage costs.

10. Exploring Government and NGO Funded Options

Some hospitals in Delhi offer government-funded treatment options or have NGOs working within them. Look for these resources to help manage treatment costs.

11. Making Rational Treatment Decisions

Cancer diagnosis can be emotionally overwhelming. Dr. Vineeta Goel suggests trying to think rationally and make informed treatment decisions based on thorough discussions with your oncologist.


Navigating cancer treatment costs in Delhi requires a strategic approach and open communication with your healthcare providers. By understanding the treatment process, reviewing your insurance policy, and exploring all available financial assistance options, you can better manage the expenses associated with cancer care.


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