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Let’s pledge to make world a tobacco free place!

I recently saw one 22 years old young college student from a middle social economic stratum with lung cancer. His parents looked worried, heartbroken, and sad. Twenty-two is certainly not the age to see an oncologist/cancer specialist. I asked him history of smoking which he categorically denied. After a long discussion about radiation therapy, the family went out of my OPD chamber and my patient, quietly sneaked back into my room. He confessed that he has been smoking cigarettes and e cigarettes since his school days. He asked me not to disclose this to his parents as they were already heart broken.

I also met another 37 years old gentleman, engineer by profession, with blood pressure, diabetes, kidney disease, poor heart function and mouth cancer- all these diseases in a single patient. This patient also had a long history of smoking.

Smoking and tobacco can simply ruin life.

Cigarette / e cigarette / tobacco in any form causes not one but several types of cancers (mouth, throat, lung, food pipe, bladder, kidney, liver, stomach, pancreas & intestine) and other health problems (lung, heart, bone, kidney & joints). It’s a slow poison. It’s very addictive and difficult to leave once someone starts (ab)using it.

Use of tobacco / cigarettes / vaping is increasing in our society for several reasons. Major reason is easy availability, and it is considered symbol of modernity / fashion to smoke. Some start smoking to relieve stress.

Let’s bust myths and stop finding excuses like peer pressure, stress or anything else – and absolutely stay away and not even try any form of tobacco / smoking / e cigarettes / vaping / drugs. Life is precious – keep it safe and stay away from tobacco and smoking.

The journey of thousand miles starts with a single step…..take the first step to your goal by saying no to tobacco.

Dr Vineeta Goel

Cancer Specialist

Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, Delhi

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