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Every year 31st May is observed as “world no tobacco day”. This year WHO’s theme is “Grow Food Not Tobacco”.

On this occasion, Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, organized a support group program for patients with head neck cancer patients.

The meeting was attended by over 50 patients who went through treatment for various head neck cancers. Everyone talked and interacted without any inhibitions.

Patients and families shared their stories of cancer treatment and life after treatment. They also talked and shared about their fear of disease re occurrence. Many patients shared how they regained balance in their life by following yoga, meditation etc. There was also much discussion on managing diet, oral care as well as swallowing rehabilitation. There were discussions about lesser talked topics of stigma attached with cancer.

Majority head neck cancers are caused by consumption of tobacco, supari, paan masala while some are caused by repeated trauma due to sharp teeth/dentures or some other unknown causes. Everyone took a pledge to never consume tobacco as well create awareness and educate people around them for not using tobacco, supari etc.

It was a very successful meeting. Its success lied in the fact that issues which are often forgotten were brought out and discussed.

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