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Radiation induced dryness of mouth- ways to overcome it!

Oil Pulling

With better radiation techniques, incidence, and severity of dryness of mouth and throat have significantly reduced.

Still majority patients do experience dryness of mouth and throat after radiation treatment.

Dryness reduces as time passes after radiation treatment. So, one must keep patience. It generally takes almost 12 months before dryness of mouth and throat reduces after radiation treatment.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is a very effective treatment to reduce this dryness. It also helps in reducing mouth ulcers, bad odour and prevents both gingivitis and tooth caries.

For oil pulling use any wood pressed coconut oil. Wood pressed oils are thinner and less dense and easier to use. Take a spoon full/ 5 ml oil and keep it mouth and swirl it for minimum 5 and maximum 20 minutes. After that it spit it out.

This oil pulling can be done 2-4 times per days. Preferably do it at bed time after brushing teeth.

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