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Stay away from Myths and stay away from Cancer

cancer myths

If I had to replace word “cancer” with anything then I would to replace it with Hope, Courage, Optimism, and awareness.

Let us bust some of the myths associated with cancer.

Myth – Cancer cannot be prevented.

Fact- Cancer can be prevented by following healthy diet (More plant base diet/vegetables/fruits and less of junk and processed food), healthy weight and daily physical exercises. Timely childbirth and breast feeding protects women against breast cancer. Give vaccines to girls between age of 15-25 years to prevent cervical cancer.

Myth – Cancer cannot be diagnosed at early stage.

Fact– Cancer can be detected at an early stage by being vigilant about possible cancer symptoms and doing regular health checkups. Women should do PAP smear test, once every year, after the age of 40 years for early detection of cervical cancer. Women should also do Mammogram (X ray of Breast) every year after the age of 40 years for early detection of breast cancer. Men should do, blood test PSA once every year after the age of 40 years for early detection of prostate cancer.

Myth – Cancer is genetic and runs in families.

Fact- Less then 5% cancers are genetic. Majority cancers do not run-in families.

Myth-Doing biopsy or surgery can lead to spread of cancer.

Fact- Cancer does not spread by doing biopsy or surgery. Biopsy is essential for identifying whether cancer is present or not and type of cancer without which correct treatment cannot be started. Surgery is another important corner stone for curing majority cancers.

Myth – Occasional smoking and alcohol does not lead to cancer.

Fact- Tobacco, betel nut, cigarette/bidi smoking and alcohol are associated with several cancers especially cancer of throat, mouth, lungs and liver.

Myth – People don’t recover from cancer.

Fact- In last few years there are several advances in cancer treatment. More and more patients are now getting cured of cancer.

My final message for everyone is to not to get misguided.

Stay healthy and aware about cancer to detect it early.

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