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Sedentary Lifestyle, Physical Inactivity and Cancers

World over incidence of cancer is increasing at an alarming rate. We all need to identify where in our lifestyles we are going wrong and correct it to prevent cancers in our present and future generations.

An estimated 30-40% of cancers can be prevented through changes in modifiable lifestyle and environmental risk factors.

We know since several years that consumption of tobacco either by chewing or smoking, alcohol and some viral infections are known risk factors for cancer.

Recent studies have shown that physical inactivity, sedentary lifestyle and obesity are also emerging high risk lifestyle factors for cancers.

Strong evidence exists that higher level of physical activity reduce the risk of different cancers like breast, colon (intestine), uterus, ovary, prostate, esophagus (food pipe), stomach and bladder.

Sitting is new smoking! It means that sitting is as bad for health as smoking is. We always knew that smoking is bad for health, but no one ever taught us that sitting is as bad for health as smoking is. And it is not often discussed that sedentary lifestyle can even increase risk of cancer.

Increase in urbanization, sedentary jobs and leisure time spent at computer or watching television or smartphones have further led to inactive lifestyle.

Physical activity changes internal milieu or environment of cells of our body. It improves our cell metabolism, hormonal balance, genomic stability etc. to protect cells from transforming into cancerous cells.

Physical Exercise and maintaining optimum body mass index (BMI)/ weight can reduce risk of cancer in general population and prevent cancer re occurrence in cancer survivors.

WHO recommends that adults should do either moderate intensity exercises for 150-300 minutes per week or vigorous/high intensity exercises for  75-150 minutes/week.

Let us all follow daily exercise regimen to prevent obesity and bad health including cancer associated with it.

Get physically active and prevent cancers!

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