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Support Group Program at Fortis Hospital

Support Group Program at Fortis Hospital (International Women�s Day)

We had a wonderful support group program at Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh, for our women patients with cancer in alignment with recent International Women’s Day.

What a day full of positivity and enthusiasm it was!

Support group works like tonic, like oxygen for anyone who participates. Patients who have already completed their treatment journey become role model for people who are on their path of treatment.

It also gives moments of catharsis – sometimes people become emotional and start crying—but its Ok – we all need to sometimes cry our heart out and make it light.

Every person has something unique to share to manage some side effects of treatment like – hot flushes, constipation, nausea etc. And sharing these tricks on this platform certainly helps many others.

There were patients whom I saw laughing for the first time.

Overall, we all had a lovely day and created some magical memories.

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